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It's all about Trust! Your employees and customers need to know that your business is taking everyone's health seriously.

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Managing your employees health is officially your #1 concern!

Manage Employee Health

Manage who is sick, who is healthy, who should go home - and who needs to see a doctor.

Privacy First Tracing

Facilitate sick employees returning home, notify employees at risk to work from home, keep everyone safe - and your company moving.

Managing Fear

Managing the new way of working is just as much a technological challenge as it is a human one.

The best investment we make is the safety and well-being of our hundreds of thousands of employees
Jeff Bezos Amazon
If we can use apps to order dinner and video chat to stay in touch with family -- we can use technology to keep each other healthy.
Justin Trudeau Prime Minister
The number one thing is to focus on is employees and customers... keep them well, keep them employed and keep them mentally healthy.
Moynihan CEO of Bank of America
The one thing I’ve personally learned is you’ve got to get ahead of the curve, don’t try to deny it or put your head in the sand, and wish for the best. These are the times when a culture and an organization gets tested.
Michael Hansen CEO of Cengage

Create a SafeSpot so your employee's and customers can trust that you have everyone's safety in mind.

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