Blueprint Level Tracing

We import your businesses blueprint, we then place ``Beacons`` at strategic locations, this will result in extremely precise contact tracing.

If your business needs highly precise location tracing & tracking

We use the blueprint data of your building to add context to safespot data. Please contact us to learn more and an assessment of your needs.
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How it works

When you place a SafeSpot beacon, the signal strength to your employees’ phones are measured and recorded. The users, with same signal characteristics, are considered to be in close proximity. That data is recorded with a set of unique anonymous ID codes, as a close proximity contact.

Critical Spots

SafeSpot recommends BLE beacons in critical areas of your work space, places that get a lot of traffic and where people gather. Bluetooth beacons are great for augmenting the other data to trace in a more accurate way.

Easy Instal

Beacons are easy to install, just mount using the provided screw and bracket and connect to the internet.


One beacon will cover approximately 5000 square feet of space. Coverage can increase in open air environments and decrease in closed spaces. However, covering every inch is not necessary in most cases. Covering critical high traffic areas is the important goal.

Our team has years of BLE experience, we make the hardware and the software so everything is fully integrated.

2 beacon Start Kit

(Optional for mission critical environments)