It's all about Trust.

Your employees and customers need to trust that your business is taking everyone's health seriously.

The Covid-19 virus caught us all off-guard.

Everything we knew about working and interacting with each other was stood on its head. What we know now is that we are not going back to the same way of doing work. It was with this knowledge that we founded SafeSpot.

We knew there was a better way to ensure our co-workers, and our customers, were safe. It wasn't about tracking or tracing - it was about caring for those we spend time with - family, friends and our colleagues. The SafeSpot system gives a warning when you might have been in contact with someone who is sick. It is that warning that is going to make all of us safer - most especially you.
Retail & Hospitality
Real Estate

Employees need to trust we are in for the right reasons.

We don't believe employee's should have to sacrifice their privacy to feel safe at work.
Build Trust
Tracing & Tracking

Tracing Employee's only at Work covers 99% of situations and the majority of employees. For employees who work out of the office or move from location to location, SafeSpot has the option to “trace all the time.” However, for privacy, the system can turn off during none work hours or if the employee designates ``do not track zones”. SafeSpot is entirely focused on keeping all of your employees safe at work.

Data Privacy

Data is stored using anonymous ID numbers, employee names are not associated with trace data, unless a trace is required. All tracking data is encrypted and SafeSpot only stores the data collected for 40 days. The employer is only able to see reports if it is determined you or a co-worker is sick or exposed and only in order to take the appropriate action.