Who is healthy?
Working from home?
Who should go home?

As an Employer you are concerned about everyone who works with you. At SafeSpot we share that concern. We have built a system that works with you to deliver better communications and better reaction times.

Automatic Employee health spot checks

Automatic Employee health spot checks – up-to-date and accurate reports, regarding every employee’s health.

Automatic Employee health history

Automatic Employee health history – knowing who is susceptible to infections means you can protect them better.

Track return to work status

Track return to work status – bring employees back to work as quickly and as safely as you can.

Health communication in one place

Clear and direct communications with employees through the SafeSpot App – conversations avoid email, are clear, personal and recorded.

Easy in app submission of Dr. Notes

Easy in-app submission of employee documents including test results and medical reports.

Poll your entire work force in matter of minutes!

SafeSpot is not about tracking employees it is about great information - when you need it. Good information means making the right decision for the company - and the employees.
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Manage multiple locations

Manage multiple locations like a Office and Warehouse, set different rules for each SafeSpot

Multiple Level Employee Tracing

Multiple Level Employee Tracing, set different levels based on the employee’s job description or possible risk level.

Privacy Focused Trace only at Work

The data is stored anonymously, and only used when an exposure is recorded.

Trace all the time

Trace All The Time – Recommend for employees who work in the field and occasionally visit the office or are moving from location to location.

Automatic Exposure Tracing

Automatic Exposure Tracing –  if an employee become unwell all those who were in contact with that employee can be notified and sent home (Automatically or with HR approval)

Exposure tracing, allows your company to keep tabs on everyone

SafeSpot is your partner in preventing outbreaks in your workplace. Using the SafeSpot app you are able move fast, and keep everyone healthy.
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Automated Safety Messages

Automated safety messages/rules customized by you for your workplace and employees

Automatically reinforce hand washing

Automatically reinforce requirements such as hand washing and other safety messages

Automatically reinforce P.P.E

Automatically reinforce P.P.E usage at specific location, or current conditions.

Automatically reinforce location specific rules

Automatically reinforce location specific rules and regulations.

The world has changed, we need to work differently...

The first step in any preventive health program is communication and education. To meet those needs SafeSpot delivers.
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Automated Temperature Testing

Automatically get notified of employee arrival and the need for temperature testing and recording those temperatures over time.

Automatically sending employees home

Automatically sending employees home based on pre-set parameters

Managed return to work

Managed return to work for all employees easily in one place, not excel sheets counting days, and email strings

Easy Guest Access

Guests or Clients, depending on your company policy, scan in with QR code in the lobby

Basic Health Questionnaires

A basic health questionnaire available through the app

Keeping track of who has been tested, and recording and comparing that data over time is a nightmare

Keeping accurate records is necessary but often a challenge. SafeSpot met that challenge by making it easy to manage thousands of tests and checks.
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