It doesn't matter what your business your in, everyone needs to feel safe!

Our software works for a variety of industries, and were working fast to help as many companies as possible manage health, so we can get back to work.
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Corporate Office

Do you run an office with multiple departments? Are you working in close quarters? SafeSpot is perfect for:

  • Managing the health of your entire workforce including rotating shifts and making solid decisions
  • Ensuring employees come to work with confidence their workplace is safe
  • Adjusting health policy to ensure new rules and requirements are implemented quickly.


Managing a large facility or multiple smaller locations? Supervising a large and diverse workforce? SafeSpot lets you:

  • Educate and support employees to reinforce health safety rules, with QR confirmation
  • Manage who is sick, who needs to go home and who stays guaranteeing non-interrupted production.
  • Adjust health policy to ensure new rules and requirements are implemented quickly


Running a campus with faculty, staff and in-class students? Dealing with visiting lectures and others? SafeSpot provides:

  • A safe and healthy environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors’
  • Communications tools to ensure current healthy safety rules are being followed.
  • The opportunity to adjust health policy to ensure new rules and requirements are implemented quickly.


Multiple properties - and multiple clients? Changing workplaces everyday? SafeSpot allows you to:

  • Ensure your clients that their properties are safe no matter the number of visitors.
  • Reassure potential buyers that you are following the very best practices in your industry.
  • Continue the personalized service so important in the real estate industry.

Food Service

Serving hundreds of meals a day to even more clients? Supervising a large and diverse workforce? SafeSpot will allow you to:

  • Easily communicate with patrons regarding your health standards including the use of Safespot cards and QR codes.
  • Easily manage the health of all workers - front and back of house included.
  • The opportunity to adjust health policy to ensure new rules and requirements are implemented quickly.

Retail & Hospitality

Serving shoppers everyday all day? Guests from both at home and abroad? SafeSpot brings you:

  • Easy communication with guests regarding your health standards.
  • Tools to manage the health of your entire workforce, across multiple locations
  • A process to easily do temp checks automatically as employees arrive at work.

Create, and control, your own SafeSpot allowing employees to work with confidence.

With the fallout from Covid 19 organizations are trying to trace everyone, an almost impossible task. While trying to make their apps do everything they end up doing little well.

Built from the ground up for Privacy

We don't believe employee's should have to sacrifice their privacy to feel safe at work.
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Tracing & Tracking

Tracing Employee's only at Work covers 99% of situations and the majority of employees. For employees who work out of the office or move from location to location, SafeSpot has the option to “trace all the time.” However, for privacy, the system can turn off during none work hours or if the employee designates ``do not track zones”. SafeSpot is entirely focused on keeping all of your employees safe at work.

Data Privacy

Data is stored using anonymous ID numbers, employee names are not associated with trace data, unless a trace is required. All tracking data is encrypted and SafeSpot only stores the data collected for 40 days. The employer is only able to see reports if it is determined you or a co-worker is sick or exposed and only in order to take the appropriate action.