4 Powerful ways to keep everyone safe at work!

Ensuring employees come to work with confidence that their workplace is safe is our goal. We do that by Surveying, Educating, Tracing when someone is sick, and Testing only when we need too.
How are you feeling?

When employees can easily let management know how they are feeling, you're able to make decisions quickly - decisions like whether an employee should stay at home or work from home.

Important Notices

Your company's policies and important health notifications appear on the home screen, keeping everyone on the same page.

Employee Status

Employees see their status at a glance, so it's easy for them to know if they are approved for work or scheduled to work from home or if they need to self isolate to protect other employees.

Reduce awkward conversations

Telling a manager how you are feeling is never easy nor cut and dry. SafeSpot makes it painless. No staring at a screen searching for words or working up the courage to call.

Trace only at work

Trace Only at Work covers 99% of situations and the majority of employees. SafeSpot is entirely focused on keeping all of your employees safe at work.

Privacy First Tracing

All tracking data is encrypted and SafeSpot only stores the data collected for 40 days. Your manager is only able to see reports if it is determined you or a co-worker is sick or exposed and only in order to take the appropriate action.

Trace everywhere, during work hours

For employees who work out of the office or move from location to location, SafeSpot has the option to “trace all the time.” However, for privacy, ``do not trace zones” are provided. This would keep construction teams, government employees, and staff who work from location to location safe.

Exposure Data stored Anonymously

Every one of your employees will have an unique ID number. When employees are in close proximity those ID numbers are recorded and stored in the event an exposure is discovered. Warnings are created using beacon data, location and other information such as employee job responsibilities.

Location Specific Warnings

In some situations, individual temperature testing may be required. When an employee arrives at work, mandatory temperature testing can be enforced.

Your in control

You decide whether your company uses the honor system or whether employees use QR codes that need to be scanned to confirm that an employee is adhering to the rules.

Reinforce Good Habits

You can reinforce health policies like sanitizing your hands at intervals, or wearing P.P.E, in specific areas of the facility.

Everyone is on the same page

Employee health is always changing, which means overall health is changing, SafeSpot keeps everyone on the same page.

Location Specific

In some situations, individual temperature testing may be required. When an employee arrives at work, mandatory temperature testing can be enforced.

Record & Track

Temperatures vary slightly from person to person. Using SafeSpot individuals' temperatures can be recorded to make better decisions on who needs to leave the work site for health reasons.

Adjust on the Fly

Employee decisions, especially those involving health, are a moving target. SafeSpot allows you to adjust based on what is happening with individuals and across the company.

Industry Specific

The temperature test is very industry specific and not for everyone. SafeSpot recommends temperature testing for those in the food service, manufacturing and hospitality industries.

As an Employer you are concerned about everyone who works with you. At SafeSpot we share that concern. We have built a system that works with you to deliver better communications and better reaction times.

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