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Your Employee's Health at glance

Understand which employees are sick, self isolating, working from home or may have been exposed.

Multi-Level Exposure Tracing

Control who is monitored just at work, all the time, or at specific locations based on the employee's job and exposure risk

Save Time & Money

Keep track of who is healthy, who is sick, who is working at home, who shouldn't come to work without the complex email, excel sheets and text messages.

Fast On-boarding

On-boarding a new employee is easy. Just add their email and SafeSpot will walk them through the rest.

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What about government tracking apps & programs?

Governments are notoriously bad at technology, in most countries the adoption rates for tracking apps is below 5%. This is due to a host of factors.  


Perception Problem…

Governments are very focused on one strategy — tracking people. For the majority, the thought of governments having “tracking” abilities makes people very uncomfortable. SafeSpot takes a more holistic approach by deploying 4 strategies to keep everyone healthy. 


What’s the Incentives?

There is little to no incentive for most people to download government apps.  Your business on the other hand, has the power to get everyone using SafeSpot, quickly, in order to get back to work safely. Your employee’s are highly motived to return to work, keep their jobs, and feel safe about being at work.


Governments are slow… 

It can be weeks before the government connects the dots to a possible exposure, more of your staff could be getting infected, and your whole business could come to a stop. With SafeSpot you have a birds eye view of your companies health. You can make decisions fast, send employee’s home that aren’t feeling good, and keep your business moving! 

Are you “tracing & tracking” employees all the time?

No, we are not tracking employees just interactions. The SafeSpot systems only operates when you are at work or in a company vehicle, unless otherwise outlined by your employer.

Do my customers or clients need to download the app?

No. The SafeSpot system is in place to protect the company’s employees. However, the system does provide an optional guest pass function which clients or subcontractors can easily scan in using a QR code.

Who has access to the data?

No one has access to raw data.  If you become ill and notify your employer, we will generate a report, for the period when you may have been infectious. that simply shows who you were in contact with.

How does it work?

SafeSpot organizations are working to protect their employees – and customers.  Ensuring employees come to work with confidence that their workplace is safe is our goal. We do that by Surveying, Educating, Tracing when someone is sick, and Testing only when we need too.  All these things need to work together holistically, to keep everyone safe.

Why should I trust safespot?

Your employer pays for SafeSpot not to “track” you but rather to keep you safe. We do the same with your data. 


Your data is not owned by us or sold to anyone.  If there is a chance that an infection is present at your workplace your company requests a report, from us, on specific interactions at specific times. There is no “tracking” in live time.


Further, SafeSpot uses bank grade encryption to ensure your data is fully shielded from both all government organizations, and private ones such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook.

How does using SafeSpot enable healthy communities beyond your workplace?

If you get ill, you have the option to voluntarily share your interaction record with your local health authority allowing them to better predict, and prevent, the spread of an infectious disease.


The information your company receives from local health authorities also helps keep you safe at work.


If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please drop us a line.  We would love to hear from you.

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SafeSpot is a team of  engineers, programmers, and designers who wanted to help in the only way we know how – by building technology. Our team consists of hardware engineers with years of BLE experience in the smart home industry, and talented programmers, coming together to play a role in getting everyone back to work safely.

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